Periplast is an extruder manufacturer for more than 30 years. We are experts in manufacturing small pellets extruders like Ø20 / Ø25 / Ø30 (co-extruders). We re-engineerd these extruders and gave them a ROBOT life, creating our first 3d pellet extruder our new EXTRUBOT®:


  • Reduced Weight <25 KG, with use of light materials, and Servo Motor.
  • Beautiful and user-friendly windows PC-based control software for the extruder, that can be updated with a single click.
  • Plasticizing unit design prepared for high-sensitive materials with High Torque and a Max. >Temperature operation up to 400º, we can handle any polymer in the market
  • No Water needed for cooling, just compressed air and electricity.
  • Continuous and automatic feeding of the extruder
  • Easy replace nozzel with different options and shapes (1/12mm)
  • Reduces costs drastically - pelletzed materials for 3D printing is cheaper than using filaments.
  • Easy and Safety
  • Thermally insulated protections
  • Precise Servo motor
  • Heating zones to control extruder and tooling w/ thermocouples
  • Recipies for different materials (Speed, Zone temperature, Heating Bed tempearature, Cooling)
  • Heating Bed, for heating the print surface
  • Communication with Robot (Digital/analog): 1. Start/Stop 2.Retract 3.Speed
  • Material transport distance:10 meter (more on request)



PC-Base multi touch Screen (Extrusion Controller), designed for industrial extruders, which gives you full control of the EXTRUBOT®:

  • Temperature Settings (Two Setpoints)
  • Different recipies for each product.
  • Recipies for the Heating Bed
  • Communication with Robot (Digital/analog): 1. Start/Stop 2.Retract 3.Speed
  • Logging of the temperature, Drive speeds, Recepies and Operator Data
  • Graphics and data record with possible SQL SERVER INTEGRATION
  • Alarm log



EXTRUBOT® is now available in 3 models acording to production needs, we are working to create bigger models.

        Ø15x20D   Ø20x20D    Ø25x25D 
Screw Ø15 Ø20 Ø25
Barrel Zones 2 2 3
Cooling Zones 1 1 3
Screw [rpm] 100 100 100
Output [kg/h] 2 4 8
Weight <25 25 30


Printing Bed & Extras:

  • Extra size printing bed (with Heat or with lock mechanism)
  • Laser Emergency stop (working without fences)
  • Full Encloser PC Fences




EXTRUBOT is making partenerships with the robot manufactors, to make user experience easy and reliable.

Today we can supply the complete set:

  • Robot
  • Extruder
  • Extruder feeding
  • Software for controling both

Using Ethernet/IP protocol, we can connect the both machines, having a two-way feedback.

With our software, integration we provide simple operation with import for major 3d software's like (Solidworks/Inventor/Fusion) using *.STL files


ALL IN ONE - Automatic Feeding


Our Integrated electric panel, computer, material storaging and conveying is one solution for a complete and easy extruder operation,with up to 8 hours of printing without need to feed.

  • Continuous work only possible with the automatic feeding
  • Material Storage >25KG
  • Warning for low raw material
  • Steady flow of plastic pellets to the extruder with a 10 meters hose

Optional: Small Dryer for raw material


10-10-2019: Technical Datasheet

15-11-2019: New Video


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